My Experiences in BUS 358: Innovation, Design, and Prototyping

The Printers

In the BUS 358 lab, there are three different 3D Printers, and each one utilizes different printing software to do its job. You can use any of the CAD Programs available to print on the printers as long as your file is in .STL format, but we’ll discuss the CAD Programs in a later post once I know a little bit more about them.

  1. PrinterBot Junior
    1. Uses “Repetier-Host” printing software.
      1. “Connect” to connect to printer. “Load” to load your object. Once it is there, you can “run job” or “slice.” If you “slice” (and you always should), you hit “run job” after “slice.”
      2. This printer runs on G-Code (x & y coordinates) so use the coordinates.
      3. To change filament, go to “manual control” and then to “extrude.”
      4. The “manual control” tab shows as it prints – bottoms-up.
  1. Replicator 2X
    1. Uses “MakerWare” printing software
      1. “Add” to drop object for printing, hit “put on platform” (a yellow line on the bottom means there is contact – you need contact, as you can’t print in mid-air) and then hit “make” to begin printing.
  1. Afinia
    1. Uses “3D Afinia” printing software
      1. “Open” to select file, and it will show up. “Print” and it prints. “Scale” to make it bigger/smaller. “Place” to put object on platform. (Make sure it fits in the frame – if you need it bigger, you need to print in parts and then glue it).
      2.  This printer is very accurate – so if you need facets or whatnot, use it.

There are three ways you can “design” a file:
1. Download It (Thingiverse)
2. Scan It (Kinect, 3D Catch)
3. Draw It (CAD Programs)

The lab hours are:
Monday – Thursday, 8p-12a (objects started at midnight print overnight)
* Sign-up for print times on the large schedule on the whiteboard.
* Be respectful.


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My Experiences in BUS 358: Innovation, Design, and Prototyping

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