My Experiences in BUS 358: Innovation, Design, and Prototyping

Project #1
Print anything that you want (and most likely do this from Thingiverse)…

The purpose of this project assignment was to acquaint us with the printers by allowing us to use a design readily available on the internet to gain experience operating the printer(s). We could print anything that we wanted, which made it more challenging than you would think since there are so many “things” out there on thingiverse and beyond.

[Design Process Steps]
DISCOVERY: The same day that we were given the assignment to “print anything” from Thinigverse, the Android phone that I had for 2 years died unexpectedly. I had long been considering purchasing an iPhone, and since the 4S model was on sale with my upgrade, I only had one obstacle – while I could afford the phone, I could not afford a case.
INTERPRETATION: I interpreted my own personal problem (“discovery”) to mean that if I could only find a way to print a case for such a new phone that I would allow myself to purchase the new phone.
IDEATION: In the ideation phase, I looked through many iPhone case designs available on Thingiverse. The cases I considered printing ranged from serious: (, fun: (, and finally – silly ( I had always loved dinosaurs, so I knew that the “silly” option was the best one as soon as I saw it!
EXPERIMENTATION: While I was printing something that literally all I had to do was drop it in and hit “print”, I did have some learning to do in the process. The color in the printer when I arrived in the lab was green, and I did not want a green phone case. After choosing orange (which I was warned may not work well), I had to figure out how to load the printer. I also thought that printing took less time than it actually did.
EVOLUTION: While I was mostly satisfied with my final product, I was a little disappointed too. I had not bothered to clean the platform of the printer before I began printing – the while the surface of the phone case rear was smooth, it had bits of coloration from other projects that had printed earlier. If I reprint this project, I will need to make sure I clean the platform before I begin printing to avoid a similar result again.

Pictures of Project 1 – Dino Phone Case:

33(Inner of phone case)

34(Outer of phone case)

36(Left side profile of case)

37(Right side profile of case)


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My Experiences in BUS 358: Innovation, Design, and Prototyping

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