My Experiences in BUS 358: Innovation, Design, and Prototyping

Project 2: ASHLEY (3D Printer)

Project #2
Make something (anything you want) and print it. Do not make something that you just found online, you need to actually make it in a CAD Program.

The purpose of this project assignment was to allow us to make something of our own on a CAD Program and print it. This would get us more familiar with the printers while also increasing our experience with CAD Programs and designing in these programs.

[Design Process Steps]
DISCOVERY: After playing around with HeeksCAD, 123D Design, and Google SketchUp for a few hours, I realized it was nowhere near as easy as it had looked when it was being demonstrated in class and on YouTube videos – it was really hard. I discovered that I had a problem in that I could not make anything that I initially wanted to make (a butterfly cut-out, to be precise).
INTERPRETATION: I needed to find something that “even I could do.”
IDEATION: I wrote out a list of things that I could potentially make on a CAD Program – a sphere, pyramid, square, disk, or my name. I decided to go with my name and then just adjust the size so that it would be more block-like so I could stack it horizontally, vertically, or any other way.
EXPERIMENTATION: I typed “Ashley” into the program and luckily it auto-corrected to “ASHLEY” in all caps. I dropped it onto the printer platform and sized it up – it looked really small on the platform but the lab assistant assured me it would be bigger than it looked (it wasn’t much bigger). I was happy to have my name (and that each letter did indeed print individually) but was a little bummed that it turned out smaller than I had envisioned.
EVOLUTION: I was pleased with the outcome of this project, but if I was to re-print it, I would scale my name up larger so that the letters would be larger and therefore easier to see/stack. I would also change the color from clear-ish to something bright and more playful. Additionally, for my next 3D prints, I am considering: making a 3D top (that spins), a re-print of my dino case, or my best friend’s name in blocks for her since she thinks the sound of 3D printing is awesome…

Pictures of Project 2 – ASHLEY:
(Standing, horizontally)
(Laying flat, horizontally)


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My Experiences in BUS 358: Innovation, Design, and Prototyping

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