My Experiences in BUS 358: Innovation, Design, and Prototyping

Project #3
There was no assigned project, this one was my own doing…

We were not necessarily “assigned” a third project, but we were told that we could print things and learn more about the process/technology. The first weekend of September, I received a phone call from a Sophomore in my scholarship program – he had suffered a nasty upper arm break in an accident. He needed a place to stay for a few nights (so he could sleep not in a loft and sitting up). When he was staying with me for two nights (before he was informed he would need pretty major surgery and a week stint in the hospital), every time he was “doped up” on his pain medicine, he would talk about how I should print him a 3D dinosaur.

[Design Process Steps]
DISCOVERY: There really wasn’t much “discovery” here – my friend who had just endured something awful told me he wanted a 3D Dinosaur, so I knew that’s what I needed to make.
INTERPRETATION: I wanted to make a small dinosaur that was simple yet “friendly” looking to give to my friend as a “get well soon” present after his hospital stay ended since he still had a long, trying road of recovery.
IDEATION: In the ideation phase, I found close to 30 dinosaur cut-outs and models that I wanted to print off of Thingiverse. I found some that were rounded and some that were taller. I finally settled for one that was shorter and stocky since it reminded me of a dinosaur off the “Land Before Time” that my friend kept mentioning.
EXPERIMENTATION: I found a dinosaur on Thingiverse and decided that I wanted it to be green. (My friend loves the environment and the outdoors, so I thought green was fitting). I loaded it onto the printer and spent close to 15 minutes trying to figure out what size I wanted it to print. I used the Afinia for the print and it worked perfectly.
EVOLUTION: Honestly, the only thing that I might change about this project is I might have scaled it up to be even larger. I thought a small dino would be neat, but it looked so awesome once it was printed that I thought it would look even more awesome even bigger!

Pictures of Project 3 – Green Dino:





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My Experiences in BUS 358: Innovation, Design, and Prototyping

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