My Experiences in BUS 358: Innovation, Design, and Prototyping

Project #4
Make something on the laser cutter.

The purpose of this project assignment was to design and etch/cut (rastor/vector) something on the laser cutter in the lab.

[Design Process Steps]
DISCOVERY: I needed to design something to etch and cut on the laser cutter.
INTERPRETATION: I should do something for my boyfriend, Stephen, to enjoy since he was a little jealous of the fact that another friend (the broken arm one) got something (a green dino) before he did.
IDEATION: There were a lot of possibilities: a Hack Berry keychain (they looked cool in class), a dinosaur keychain, or even to ignore my original plan and do something for myself – like a copy of my Campus Carrier business card etched on plexiglass as a memento. Finally, I had the idea to make an elephant cut-out with a stress free haiku and turn it into a keychain.
EXPERIMENTATION: I found an outline of an elephant that I liked off of Google Images. However, when I went to find/write a haiku about stress, I had no luck. The entire reason I was making this keychain was to give to my boyfriend – who was very stressed since he had just submitted his Veterinary school applications. I decided that a haiku wasn’t necessary. I looked over his personal statement to try and find a quote, but instead only found gibberish about “All Creatures Great and Small.” I knew I wanted the elephant (his favorite animal) and I knew I wanted wood (it’s pretty) so when the quote “Even The Largest Animals Have Fears,” I knew it was perfect.
EVOLUTION: I printed the elephant with the quote, but I didn’t do it “right” – well, I thought it was wrong. It turned out pretty “right” in the end, though. First, the laser cutter caught 2 parts of the elephant on fire – the trunk and the tail (they were too thin). Secondly, instead of only etching the letters into the wood – somehow I set the laser cutter to etch everything BUT the letters (leading to a raised-up effect). At first, I thought this was a bad thing, but really, it looked awesome. Finally, the elephant that I managed to print was “huge” in comparison to what it should have been for a keychain. The elephant, due to its size, now remains in a photo frame.

Pictures of Project 4 – Quoted Elephant:

aThe screen shows cutter progress

bSee? Progress so far…

fAll the way done means time to cut

gCutting caused fires on tail…

hAnd the trunk…

i(Full finished product)
j(Detail on raised letters)


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My Experiences in BUS 358: Innovation, Design, and Prototyping

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