My Experiences in BUS 358: Innovation, Design, and Prototyping

Project #5
With a group, program an Arduino board to do something. I, Ashley, was in a group with Jenn Fortnash and Junghyun Ha. We were given an Ardiuno Uno board, a breadboard, and multiple connectors/wires.

The purpose of this project assignment was to familiarize us with the basics of programming an Arduino board.

[Design Process Steps]
DISCOVERY: We needed a project that we could successfully complete (none of us had any working knowledge of Arduino).
INTERPRETATION: We should find something easy – and maybe look for a pre-written program online that we could slightly alter to do something “cool” to us.
IDEATION: We originally wanted to make something that would light up and pulse with the beat of music, but soon realized we could not “simply” do this. We decided to find a program that would allow for us to set the time interval between blinking LED lights. We also wanted a program that would send the LED lights all one direction (–>) and then send them backwards (<–) in a loop over and over.
EXPERIMENTATION: We found a pre-written program and plugged it into Jenn’s mac, as she had downloaded the Arduino software available for free online. We had several problems during the experimentation phase. The first was we originally (15 minutes) thought the Arduino would not work. We realized after a bit of troubleshooting that we just had to set the “USB Port” on the software to have it recognize the port we had the Arduino plugged into. Second, it took the 3 of us forever (several hours) and the assistance of a lab assistant to figure out how to actually complete the needed circuit (even though we had a diagram).
EVOLUTION: We did eventually get the board to work the way we wanted it to, and we even learned how to adjust the times for the blinking. In the future, if I work with an Arduino again, I will spend more time to make sure I do it all right the first time, because going back and trying to move tiny wires and connections after you have a “finished” product is extraordinarily difficult considering how complex the board becomes as it goes.

Pictures of Project 5 – Arduino Project:

a(Arduino Uno Board)

c(All connected!)

d(Ready to go! It worked!)


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My Experiences in BUS 358: Innovation, Design, and Prototyping

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