My Experiences in BUS 358: Innovation, Design, and Prototyping

Intermediate Project
Design and make something that you can be proud of and that exemplifies any of the “values” of the course as outlined in the course syllabus.

The purpose of this project assignment was to allow us to use our talents and imaginations and create something that expressed our creativity and challenged us.

[Design Process Steps]
DISCOVERY: I have always had a ring holder of some type. It was usually a glass bowl with a simple “finger-like” post in the center around which you placed the rings. Loose jewelry (necklaces, earrings, etc.) were placed in the bowl part of the holder. Since everything just muddled together in the main part of the bowl, it is often difficult to fish things out (and necklaces often tended to get tangled). This annoyed me in the morning since I am not a morning person, am slightly OCD, and it took quite a bit of time. I needed a more convenient and simple way to hold jewelry.
INTERPRETATION: I should make a jewelry holder that stores my jewelry in a simpler way.
The Ringy-Thing is a custom-designed jewelry holder that accommodates two earrings, two rings, and one necklace. There is also space at the bottom for additional jewelry items and/or other accessories. The Ringy-Thing suits my needs by being user-friendly to the order in which I remove and apply my jewelry daily. While there are ring holders and jewelry boxes on the market, I either do not like or do not have room for these methods of jewelry storage, and thus the idea for the Ringy-Thing was born.
I have a particular order in which I take off (and put on) my jewelry. I first take off my earrings, then my necklace, and finally my rings. I wanted to build a jewelry holder that would suit my needs and “flow” with my usual order. I decided that I needed two short posts to hold earrings – and what better way to do that then to “drill” holes to place the earrings posts’ into? I also decided I needed a hook-like structure on which to hang the single necklace that I wear every day. Finally, I decided I needed to be able to hold two rings on the structure. Rather than just place the rings in a large bowl, I decided to add two small bowls to two new posts and place the rings in those. By placing the rings in smaller bowls (rather than the large base) it is easier to “fish them out” in the morning. Finally, I decided to still leave some space in the base for lose items, such as hair elastics and bulkier jewelry.
             I decided that I wanted to 3D print my entire project. This was very difficult, since it was the most advanced thing I had designed in CAD and since I had to design the entire thing from beginning to end. I decided to use Google SketchUp, since it had become my favorite CAD Program. The first thing I had to do was sketch on paper how I wanted my project to look – since I had a good idea in my mind, this didn’t take too long. The second thing I realized was that I would need to print my project in 2 pieces since it had 2 bowls for rings and you can’t “print in mid-air.” I decided I would make the base structure first and then make the two bowls separately. After hours and hours on SketchUp, I finally had a printable model…or so I thought.
When I went to the lab with my SketchUp file, I realized two things. First, I had not saved it in .STL format. Second, the parts appeared to be “infinite” since I had not “connected” them into one “component.” In the lab, I had to re-design the entire project! It took me a good two or so hours, but I finally had it in front of me re-made on SketchUp, and, after saving it in .STL, I was able to finally print it. I began printing it, and left it overnight. At the same time I had been re-making my base model design, I set my “bowls” (2) on the Afinia and had them printing. When they finished, I realized something horrifying – they were so small. Even though I had the dimensions of the base model AND bowls correct on SketchUp, when I moved them to print, they had scaled WAY down. Both pieces printed too small to use. I was able to print the bowls (the 2nd version) large enough, but the base model still was too small to support them. My next model would need some alterations.
EVOLUTION: Even though I was able to complete my intermediate project to some degree, I learned a lot from it. First, I learned that anytime you make something on Google SketchUp, you have to “make component” of the pieces if you want it to become a solid, printable item. Second, I learned that it is important that you really work to “scale up” your item once you “drop” it to the printing platform, since it changes size when you convert it from SketchUp to a component and drop it on the printer. Additionally, a few days after having my project (and before I took pictures of it), it broke. I realized that I had made the three posts in the front (center, left, right) very narrow, but also hollow. This made them too weak to support what they were meant to support. If I have the chance to re-print this project, I will ensure the posts are solid and I will also make sure that it is “sized up” enough to actually do its intended function(s).

RingyThingy Description:
This is my “Ringy-Thing”. It is a custom jewelry holder that was designed to accommodate the order in which I remove jewelry daily – earrings first, necklace second, and rings last. There is also room at the bottom for additional accessories, like hair elastics and bulkier jewelry. The Ringy-Thing also accommodates the order in which I apply my jewelry daily – rings first, necklace second, and earrings last. I chose to make this item because it is something I could not find elsewhere, because it filled a need that I had, and because I thought it would look cool (and serve a purpose) once it was completed.

Pictures of Intermediate Project – The RingyThingy:

39(Finished project, post-break)

40(Finished project, post-break)

41(Finished project, post-break)

Int Proj(Google SketchUp model of base, pre-printing)

Int Proj 2(Google SketchUp model of bowls, pre-printing)



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