My Experiences in BUS 358: Innovation, Design, and Prototyping

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“Yes, And…”

It is very important to note that for the benefit and success of everyone in the course, (and in any design environment) a “Yes, And…” attitude is incredibly important. In order to foster creativity and nurture the spirit of innovation, those around the innovator must respond to the innovator’s ideas with a “Yes, And…” attitude and mindset. If someone comes along and says “No, that won’t work,” it is more likely than not to kill the mindset (or motivation) of the innovator. By demonstrating a “Yes, And…” attitude towards yourself and those around you, you are encouraging collaboration, brainstorming, and so many other positive aspects of Design Thinking that are needed for success. A large part of BUS 358 was learning to say “Yes, And…” to EVERY idea that you or another coursemate had over the course of the semester. 


BUS 358 Values & Traits

Before we begin delving into what made the “Innovation, Design, and Prototyping” course all that it was during the Fall 2013 semester, I think it is important to take just a moment to discuss the traits and values of the course…

  1. Experimentation
  2. Boldness/Audaciousness
  3. Persistent Problem Solving
  4. Pivoting
  5. Collaboration
  6. Improvisation
  7. Exaptation
  8. Bricolage
  9. Economy
  10. Enlightened Simplicity
  11. Bling
  12. Surprise

Rather than provide extensive definitions for each of these values, I will instead leave them to your interpretation, because even though we were provided definitions, the values often meant different things to different people. Since interpretation is a vital part of the Design Process, you’ll just have to interpret them for yourselves 🙂

Below is an image f a Wordle that I created. Wordles are simple images based on text inputted by a user. Wordle software removes articles and adjectives and scans the inputted text. The words appearing the most times appear largest n the image, the ones appearing the least appear the smallest. To generate this Wordle, all I did was type the “Values” portion of the class syllabus into Wordle and let it make the image that appears below. You can see by looking at the image what words best describe the class values.

Worlde for Blog

Why I Took BUS 358…

As a rising senior Business Management major in the Berry College Campbell School of Business, I thought that a challenge sounded like fun, so when I saw the e-mails circulating campus about a “3D Printing” course, I knew I wanted to take it. The e-mails advertised the course as “one of a kind”, “something new,” and “for everyone/anyone.” I liked the idea of being in a “first ever” class at Berry and I really liked the idea of learning something new – I’d never been great in math, drawing, art, or anything else of that nature, so I knew it would be challenging (and that was a little exciting since I was running out of time for new things at Berry).

I could not be more satisfied with my decision to take BUS 358 – Innovation, Design, and Prototyping. Sure, the class showed me a lot of things I’m not so good at (technical design) but it also opened my eyes to things that I could be good at. It opened my eyes to the awesome things that other people are good at and to so many other things that really just “blew my mind.” If it wasn’t something a classmate did, it was something I learned about while doing research on 3D printing or CAD Design for class. Even if I did have a hard time figuring out the technologies and the design concepts, I enjoyed challenging myself and learning as much as I could about the course and its concepts.

I hope that this blog will serve as a testament to what I DID learn, what I DID try, and what I saw/heard/read that amazed me and, literally, “blew my mind,” and all that which I likely would not have encountered had it not been for my decision to give BUS 358 – Innovation, Design, and Prototyping a try.

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My Experiences in BUS 358: Innovation, Design, and Prototyping

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